video recorder sample - viewfinder orientation issue

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  • Hi,

    in my App I have integrated the possibility to record videos, basically following the sample for video recording from MS:

    Video Recorder Sample

    But I have some problems when it comes to the orientation of the viewfinder:

    The viewfinder itself does follow orientation changes of the mobile phone -whereas the recorded video itself doesn´t.
    Hence, when i enter the App in portaitmode, the output on the screen is also displayed in portrait orientation -whereas the video itself is recorded in landscape (as it is done always). This also happens iby using  the original MS-sample code.
    Is there a way to synchronize the viewfinder with the actually recorded video?

    I can think of two behaviours to achieve this:

    1. The output of the viewfinder always is in landscape orientation.
    2. The orientation of the recorded video is following the viewfinder.

    (As far as I know there isn´t any possibility to change the orientation of the recorded video. Nonetheless I would appreciated any suggestions for a solution with behaviour 2.)

    Has anybody an idea to solve that issue?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    Friday, June 22, 2012 2:36 PM

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