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  • I recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 because I was excited about the new Intelli-Code and Live Code Share features. However I have had to go back to Visual Studio 2017 because:

    • The intelli-code is so slow that it is hindering my development and not helping it. Sometimes the drop-down never even appears and I have to backspace and then go back. I have reported this issue but have yet to see any improvement in the updates.
    • Randomly freezes doing the most benign actions and then sits there loading forever. Sometimes it just takes adding a new line.
    • The DevOps/Team Explorer has completely broken and will not allow me to check anything in no matter what I do. I have to load VS 2017 to check in my code.

    I would say the only nice feature in VS 2019 is the faster load time. However, this only accounts for a very tiny percentage of the time I use VS 2019 so this is irrelevant to me. I would opt for a load time 3 times longer than have the other issues I have to deal with. 

    I am mostly here to try and voice my feedback to the community and to the development team since this is the only way I found to do so. 

    Monday, June 17, 2019 11:21 PM

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  • Do you have a SSD or regular spinning Hard Drive?

    What is happening when you try and check in code?

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 12:08 AM
  • Even if you provide this kind of feedback, unfortunately it isn't that useful without information like what extensions you have installed, what workloads you are using and so on.

    Sometimes these problems happens due to bad extensions, extensions not cooperating with each other, only happen under one set of tooling and so on. Since computers are also not perfect, these could be problems specific to your system or something happened during install that caused files to become corrupt or just not be installed.

    As an example, I work mostly using the desktop C++ projects and tools. I have yet to see any real freezing and the only problems that I have seen have been in the Visual Studio 2019 previews. There have been a couple of crashes, the properties dialog window just kept growing and I was signed out without warning in the latest update.

    In fact, the biggest issue I have seen came from the last update to Visual Studio 2017 where projects would crash if they had temporary files from before the update was applied.

    I haven't seen any issues with Team Explorer for TFS source control or Git source control either.

    I appreciate that you wrote this because you are frustrated, but since software is so complex these days it is hard to call this an issue in Visual Studio based on what you wrote. This is why it would be great if you could test things more and if you can determine if it is Visual Studio that is the problem, give full details on how you reproduce the problem on multiple systems. Microsoft being able to get the problem to show in testing is one of the fastest ways of getting these problems fixed.

    This is a signature. Any samples given are not meant to have error checking or show best practices. They are meant to just illustrate a point. I may also give inefficient code or introduce some problems to discourage copy/paste coding. This is because the major point of my posts is to aid in the learning process.

    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 12:22 AM
  • I have no extensions installed as far as I know. Just a basic install.
    I have a M.2 SDD drive with 40% free space, i7 overclocked to 3.6Ghz, 24 Gigabytes DDR4 RAM.

    When I try to check in code it constantly says I have to re-verify my credentials. Even if you fixed the check-in issue, I still would not go back. I have given up on the constant freezing and lagging and I do not have time to investigate each issue I am experiencing. 

    I have been using Visual Studio since 2010 and I have never been so disappointed with a release of Visual Studio. This is my opinion of Visual Studio 2019 and my experience, I am not trying to say the software is terrible, I am just trying to express my experience and feedback.

    Edit: I have reported reproducible issues to Microsoft Support using the built-in reporting features. However, some issues are not reproducible, such as the random freezing. These issues do not seem to have a pattern to them, and editing the same solution in VS 2017 does not exhibit the same behavior.
    Tuesday, June 18, 2019 1:32 AM
  • I have a brand new installation of VS2019 on a brand new Windows 10 install, and it runs worse than a extension-loaded old install of VS2017 with Resharper on a old install of Windows 8.1 on a significantly worse and older machine.

    And that's for an incredibly slow solution. If I loaded the NopCommerce solution that my VS2017 uses, it's a complete nightmare.

    Thursday, August 1, 2019 7:04 PM
  • Gotta add my frustration here, been using VS for > 15 years and this is crazy bad. Constant lagging when typing due to "background" tasks running. I mean how bad can you be when the program can't even keep up with your typing. Horrible experience. Gonna try go back to 2017. 

    And I have 24gigs ram, already forced to switch from my normal 8gig machine as it was not usable.

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    Tuesday, August 27, 2019 7:13 PM
  • Same here every 15 days i have to update and every update got some new crash this means is simply vs2019 is still not good and not ready for development its some time irritated and waist of time.

    Dharmesh Sharma

    Thursday, December 5, 2019 4:54 AM
  • I use an i7, and have upgraded from 2015 to 2017 to 2019.

    I have noticed a speed drop but not in Visual Studio itself, it's in the projects. What I'm trying to say here is that coming from WPF, a speed reality, and trying out UWP and Xamarin.Forms. Whooeee. SLOW.

    Xamarin is worse than UWP.

    My biggest beef in UWP are: the loading times for running an app, the splash screen on the window during load, and the title is just impossible.

    But, UWP looks awesome. It's like buying a designer suit, so I think it's worth it. Not to mention you do not need to create an installation to add a start menu item, just run the app once in Visual Studio and it will add an icon to the start menu. As for IntelliSense, haven't really noticed a difference, but I use like three libraries.

    George Frias - AWWshop, Wiki1978

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    Thursday, December 5, 2019 5:02 AM