When will Dominican Republic be supported?


  • I'm a Dominican developer who wishes to be part of the Windows 8 developer community. I planned developing for Windows Phone 7 (in fact, I have finished a couple projects but can't submit them to the Marketplace), but you guys never supported our country. The only support is through Yalla Apps, which I really don't like, especially because they just publish the app under their account with the description saying "Developed by ****".

    I hope the same doesn't happen on Windows 8, as literally almost everyone I know is a Windows 7 user, and most computers sold are Windows-based, so there'll be a huge opportunity when Windows 8 arrives. My plan is to target big companies so they have an app in Windows Store, and I believe the users will love the experience.

    Now, if other Latin American countries are supported out of the box (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico), and we get support for buying apps, what's the problem in supporting devs? Is it that the credit card must be from USA? We can get one easily with some international banks. Is it we need a USA bank account? Same, some international banks offer accounts. I'd be happy even if I could pay and receive payment through Paypal or through cheque.

    Sorry for the rant, but I'm a little frustrated that I can't be a Windows developer of any kind even if I wanted, when other ecosystems support my country. I really hope by RTM Dominican Republic is supported, and hopefully, on Windows Phone 8, too.

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  • Hello Firebrewd,

    Please take a look at the following site for countries that currently support the Windows Store as well as countries where we are accepting developer registration. Please check the site periodically as it is subject to change. I hope this helps.



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  • Sorry, but that is the exact same site I was referring, and it doesn't answer my question. I guess that's all you can tell me, but my question is, why in the world I, as a developer, cannot submit apps to the Windows ecosystem just because I live in Dominican Republic, or rather, I don't live in a "supported" country?

    Seeing as how my country is almost completely Windows powered, I don't want to miss the opportunity to develop great apps people love, but because Microsoft only supports a really small set of markets, it looks like I'll miss the opportunity, just as it happened with WP7, after almost two years. Again, even a simple solution as paying and receiving payment via Paypal, or even through cheques (like Google does) would be acceptable while Microsoft expands the markets to support local bank accounts and credit cards.

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  • Just a peek in the list, you'll see Egypt is listed. A country with low literacy rate, who is struggling for security after the arab spring, whose government is being hijacked by the "peaceful MB" who is listed as terrorist organization by Russia and China, but not according to USA. BUT GUESS WHAT FOLKS ? Egypt is an ally. So is Turkey, *checks the link*, yup Turkey is there too.

    It's not that i'm murky or trying to say something. It's just weird for me personally. Is it related to security of the secure banking ?

    Because if that is the reason, i don't think Egypt is more secure than Indonesia, Malaysia or Brunei in terms of secure banking....... lol, they can't even provide security for the minority non muslim anymore. It's all on the news all over the world.

    It's a different world, everyone have the internet, the peasants are not stupid anymore, they are a lot smarter than one generation ago . You can't allow only a couple of pro americans countries only to "the fans club". People today are aware and informed, they see this with a weird eye. You'll fail as a company sooner or later if that is your philosophy and objective, just like Nokia and Blackberry. You don't have to believe me. Back then, Nokia and BLackberry too don't believe me, and the developers there calls me crazy.

    The countries that have money to buy apps are now in Asia, not in Greece or Spain or Portugal or Ireland (all of which are on the fans club list). But....psssttt, let me share you a tiny little secret, when you only allow some countries that can sells apps, the country that are not listed there won't buy either. Because there is no local apps that knows the market demands. Japanese don't know the apps Indonesians wants, american don't know what  apps Dominican wanted.

    At best, they probably only download free facebook and twitter apps.

    I hope you add more countries, if not.....Good Luck ! We wish you well, because you're going to see a lots of download of facebook and twitter apps, while paid apps have low downloads, a lot of junk apps that are for the general market instead of specific country market. Which will leads to a lot of developers losing money, which leads to less and less apps because developer stopped developing (lacks of profit), which leads YOU to become the second Nokia or Blackberry (Ovi Store and Blackberry Store, it's a graveyard there). Don't need to believe me, and you don't need to be an Einstein to foresee it.

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  • I hope the microsoft employees would at the very least inform the marketing team and the decision makers about the above.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 9:51 PM
  • Hi Firebrewd,

    Windows release Preview is still a beta version and in testing. During beta versions of Windows 8, developers must attend one of the Dev Camps in order to submit apps to the Store. I will include the site where you can see the schedule of camps and hopefully attend one that is close to you. the Dev Camp schedule can be found here: .  I hope this helps.



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  • During beta versions of Windows 8, developers must attend one of the Dev Camps in order to submit apps to the Store.


    1. He lives in Domican Republic,

    2. He can't make a developer account,

    3. Are you suggesting he should go to Spain or Portugal (go the developer camps) and somehow he will be able to upload apps ? Because that is what i get from reading your post, Jesse.

    I don't think that is a helpful post, i personally think it's giving a false impression that he can upload an app if he goes there (the camps).

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:27 PM
  • firebrewd, she works in Microsoft, she CAN'T say what i just said, she could get fired for saying "You are WASTING your time learning Metro if you can't even upload your app because your country is not listed, unless you're an IT teacher that have Metro programming as part of the teaching course, or you have bank account in the listed countries so that you can make a developer account and upload your app. You're WASTING your time and money".

    Sorry for the bluntness firebrewd. It's not personal or anything, i'm trying to help.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:29 PM
  • Hello Raymond,

    We appreciate your interest in developing Metro apps. However, please keep your posts within the guidelines set forth for the forum. The forums are here as an avenue of support and to prosper a user-friendly community. We encourage all to participate and interact with others but we ask you to make sure that it is on topic and helpful. We do not want to discourage community members away from here. You should have already read the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct. I hyperlinked them for you in case you need to refresh your knowledge of them.

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  • Where can i report a complain ? Because i believe it is not professional for a moderator to indirectly abuse her responsibility, and to make the forum feels negative for a user like me, for example : "by voting down or unpropose an answer as not an answer" to all my post, which leads to a "Restricting or inhibiting any user from using and enjoying the Communication Services" And to take things personally instead of professionally.

    Thank you for the links, i'll re-read it again later. Can you please share a link to where i can report a moderator for "Restricting or inhibiting any user from using and enjoying the Communication Services" ? Because i believe reporting a moderator in a forum where she IS the moderator will not result in anything.


    Raymond Goldman.

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  • Hi Raymond,

    Thank you for posting, as this forum is moderated by others as well, your complaint is officially reported. Microsoft does try to make the experience for all users a pleasant one.




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  • I appreciate that John-P. I don't like it and it bothers me when she unpropose all my posts as not an answer, then told me to be polite and read the terms of use. It makes me feels uncomfortable and i feel like she is trolling me. I'm a consumer of Microsoft products, she works in Microsoft, she should not troll a consumer and makes me uncomfortable, she is abusing her responsibility.
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  • Well, thanks for the answers, Jesse, but as Raymond points out, they aren't helpful, at all. To be fair, his answers are more in line with what I asked, which is "Why, as a developer living in Dominican Republic, can't I upload apps to Windows Store and Windows Phone Marketplace"? Going to a campus won't help me, at all, as I don't live in any of the countries listed, so at the end of the day, I will still be unable to upload an app, even if I'm certified by Microsoft. And yeah, flying to another country for a campus doesn't sound too smart.

    So, sorry, but my question is still unanswered. And again, Raymond has a point, I feel I'm wasting my time learning how to code for Metro, learning C# and XAML, and producing quality apps, because Microsoft, as a company, seems to not care. I wonder why they even have some sort of embassy in this country if they don't seem interested in what we produce.

    If any moderator is able to, please let them know there are developers in Latin America interested in developing for Metro in general, even if we aren't residents of United States or any of the countries listed. Or at least, give me a good reason for not supporting us, and not the same canned response I got when I was interested in WP7. Why don't you make the same effort as Yalla Apps, but using App Hub?

    Thursday, June 21, 2012 7:38 AM
  • Firebrewd, Not only it is an unhelpful post and possibly trolling post, i personally think it's giving a false impression that you can upload an app if you goes there (the camps), which i believe is wrong, since you need bank account in the countries listed on "the list", otherwise there is no way you can upload and make money with it (or at least make a name), UNLESS sooner or later the policy changes or your country get added to the list, you can't upload your app.

    Android and Nokia are doing the same thing though, Blackberry USED to do that too.

    I keep telling Blackberry and Nokia, they will fail if they don't change policy, they will fail. They DO NOT believe me. The developers forum in Nokia there USED to keep saying "Nokia is the biggest mobile maker in the world bla bla bla". Same goes to Blackberry, the forum is filled with fanatic fans that are naive and arrogant do not believe the store will fail if they don't change policy.

    Things happened, we all know it. And now Blackberry is allowing more countries to developer apps for their "Store" (which the last time i checked two weeks ago, has MORE than 5 apps ! incredible right ? (sarcastic), the total amount of apps are less than 500, most people 99% only use facebook and twitter apps which are FREE. The apps for Playbook is doing....... do i need to say it ? ). They will NOT admits it, it makes them looks financially bankrupt. But WE DEVELOPERS knows the real situation.

    Android is a special case, it does the same thing, BUT (big but) it has foundation in the internet, it can sponsor it's own Google Play market using Google search. And they can also use Youtube etc etc, BUT (big but) the people who are MAKING MONEY in the Store there are the big guys, the small guys gets squished. My father is a developer in Android. Developers knows the real situation because they feel it first hand, you won't get the real situation description from the marketing team, because their job is to make the company looks good and healthy instead of having problems. IT IS THEIR JOB. But DEVELOPERS knows the real situation and does not benefit from giving false impression, at all, unless they are a lying fanatic arrogant fans of that company.

    I HOPE Microsoft do not repeat it. Because strong community of developers will leads to more apps (not junk apps) that knows their country's market demands and local country focused apps (instead of corporates that makes apps for general market), which will leads to more consumers that BUYS app (not free facebook and twitter apps only), which leads to strong innovations in apps (instead of "strong" sequel titles made by big companies).

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