Windows Phone app Passwords by Thomas Gerber won't launch after latest Windows 10 OS update - how to contact Developer? RRS feed

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  • I have been sent to this Forum by Microsoft Support, as say they cannot help me and that I should contact the developer of the App I am having issues with. Only problem with that is the link from 'Publisher Info' for Thomas Gerber's latest version of Passwords (Passwords11) goes to the page, which seems to have last been updated in 2016 and seems to have no means of contacting the developer that I can see anyway.

    So Microsoft are selling a product on their store where customers cannot get any support if they have any problems. Not that I am very hopeful the developer can help me with my problem BUT currently I have lost access to around 10 years’ worth of passwords, so I have to explore every avenue before I concede that Microsoft have well and truly screwed things up for me.

    The issue is this. I have a Microsoft 950XL phone and all my passwords are stored within the Passwords app and since the OS updated last week to 10.0.15254.587 the app doesn't launch. I am not sure of version I had (maybe 8 maybe 10) as it won't launch. It gives a message saying there may be an update in the App Store. NB After overnight update phone was dead and I had to remove battery and insert again to start phone up. When it came to life all apps were initially grey and they all then reinstalled themselves. Most work but the one I need most - Passwords - does not. I tried installing Passwords11 (trial) but that has just created a new DB rather than replacing Passwords (which I didn't want to delete in case it removed all data associated with it) and synching to existing files.

    I have tried to restore a backup from 2018 (that would be something) and oddly only 1 of my backup files is recognised by Passwords11 (I suspect that was created after I updated to Passwords 10). Trouble is it needs a password and I didn't think I had password protected the file!

    So ideally, I would like to roll back the OS update so that Passwords will work and access the password file that I assume resides on my phone (does anyone know where that file would be located?). Microsoft say this is not possible.

    I want to contact the developer so that I can work out if there is any way of saving my password data. I obviously know the master password that works with Passwords version installed pre Passwords11 - but that app just won't open with the latest OS version. Anyone with any ideas how to get around this problem? Or know how I can contact Thomas Gerber?

    Thursday, September 19, 2019 1:01 PM

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  • Although Microsoft Support won't give you more than you already have in respect to the developer's privacy, people here don't even have access to the store data as this is the wrong division to ask (it's like asking a TV manufacturer about the phone number of a TV show diretor). The Microsoft Support is misleading you. 

    since it is a WP site you can leave a comment on the blog, you know...the developer has a WP site so maybe also active on other social media like twitter or facebook. without a middle name you gonna find a lot of namesakes. you probably wanna look for those with connection with germany (I think the WP site has german content). good luck. 

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    Thursday, September 19, 2019 2:13 PM
  • Thanks for the reply & I understand your point. The problem is when I click on the Developers Blog link, on their WP site, it just takes me to a news page (& last added comment was 2016). So I wonder whether the Developer has done a runner (?)

    The annoying thing is Microsoft is still selling his app on the app store, so they are still presumably taking their cut of any profits (?) and yet they claim to have no details for the developer other than the link to his WP site. Surely if the developer is getting money from the MS app store, MS must have some details of where they are sending money, or whatever. I suppose what I am getting at is do MS have no responsibility for any apps they put up on the app store? Could anyone just put apps on their that maybe don't work, or for which they give no support (except a fake web page with spurious links)?

    So I am at a loss as to how to track down this developer (& I suppose that is why MS Support sent me here, probably wrongly as you say!).

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 2:59 PM