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[UWP]What Are the Multi-platform Guidlines to Multiplayer on Universal Windows Apps? RRS feed

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  • I'm new to developing for Microsoft, migrating from Sony platforms, I couldn't find anything about this, maybe because I'm not a costumer support agent coming to searching forums...


    What are the guidelines to developing on Universal Windows Apps, referred to as UWA in this context. I read the basics, maybe I read an older version, but I did not find anything mentioning multiplayer situations. I know with a development license for game consoles, multiplayer must be targeted to a certain platform and must be its own multiplayer for the brand...
    But when it comes to UWA, its one package, from the same store. I know there are ways to identify the target machine it is running on, but in "real-life" that would add USELESS code to the other platforms as each platforms session would be different...
    Unless otherwise its just a server issue... but some of the cases, there is more in-game code than just switching servers...

    But is this necessary to do for UWAs? Or can an Windows 10 Mobile device not play a game with someone on Windows 10 Machine, or even with someone on an Xbox One.

    I would figure Microsoft would strongly recommend not allowing Windows 10 PC to play online with Xbox One users, but I'm more concerned about the other devices...
    Friday, November 6, 2015 7:11 AM

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  • Hi Katy Pillman,

    Welcome to the Developing Universal Windows apps forum!

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    >>Or can an Windows 10 Mobile device not play a game with someone on Windows 10 Machine, or even with someone on an Xbox One.

    What do you mean about the above message? Technically speaking, if you would like to develop a game that can play cross platform, you definitely need to build your own server to save the game data, otherwise your user cannot communicate/interact with each other.

    However I'm not aware any commercial policy that cannot share data cross platform, perhaps there is but I'm not sure.

    The following article will help you get started with the Windows 10 games:
    #Get started developing Windows 10 games: .

    Best Regards,
    Amy Peng

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    Monday, November 9, 2015 9:18 AM