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  • Hi,

    My app keeps crashes & hangs and I'm not sure what I have to do in order to resolve them. Looking at the StackTrace doesn't really help either! 

    The 2 mains reported problems are:



    Looking into more details for the first error, my dashboard provides the following information:

    Symbol name                                                               Crashes      Average daily   Daily unique devices  

    EMCLIENT!ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri          7                    2.33                   2

    Failure string name                                                                                                          Date                              Package version   Device type   Links

    APPLICATION_FAULT_e0797977_EMCLIENT.dll!ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri    1/15/2016 8:02:53 PM                 Mobile            Stack trace

    Stack trace

    Frame Image Function   Offset
    1       KERNELBASE                         RaiseException   0x36
    2       EMCLIENT                         ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri   0x55
    3       EMCLIENT                         ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri   0x55
    4       EMCLIENT                         ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri   0x55
    5       EMCLIENT                         ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri   0x55

    I get 100's of entries for the second error i.e. ExecutionModel::ApplicationUri::GetAppUri

    Regarding the second error:

    Symbol name                                                               Crashes      Average daily   Daily unique devices

    MSHTML!CDXImageYUV::GetDeviceResourceSize                  2                    0.67                   1

    Failure string name                                                                                                          Date                                        Package version   Device type   Links

    NULL_POINTER_READ_c0000005_MSHTML.dll!CDXImageYUV::GetDeviceResourceSize         1/13/2016 2:18:53 PM                     Mobile


    Frame      Image            Function                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Offset
    1            mshtml CDXImageYUV::GetDeviceResourceSize 0x54
    2            mshtml CDXMondoImage::GetDeviceResourceSize 0x2C
    3            mshtml CDXResourceDomain::CalculateDisplayResourceConsumptionFromAllSharedCaches'::`2'::CCalculateHandler::EnumerateCallback 0x3A
    4            mshtml CDXResourceDomain::EnumerateDomains_`CDXResourceDomain::CalculateDisplayResourceConsumptionFromAllSharedCaches'::`2'::CCalculateHandler_ 0x54
    5            mshtml CImgCacheEntry::UpdatePoolConsumption 0x30
    6            mshtml CImgCacheEntry::EnforceImageBudgets 0x62
    7            mshtml CMarkup::OnLoadStatusDone 0x1DE
    8            mshtml CMarkup::OnLoadStatus 0x5A
    9            mshtml CProgSink::DoUpdate 0x26C
    10            mshtml GlobalWndOnMethodCall 0xE0
    11           mshtml GlobalWndProc 0x15C
    12           minuser Core::Yield::WndProc 0x12A
    13           minuser minDispatchMessageW 0x218
    14   agwebbrowsercontrol CDocumentThread::_PumpGWESMessage 0xC6
    15   agwebbrowsercontrol CDocumentThread::_PumpNormal 0x76
    16   agwebbrowsercontrol CDocumentThread::_ExecuteMessageLoop 0x18A
    17   agwebbrowsercontrol CDocumentThread::ThreadProc 0x3AC
    18   agwebbrowsercontrol _DocumentThreadProc 0xA
    19           ntdll RtlUserThreadStart 0x16

    I think most of the errors above are related to the WebBrowser control which I use to display articles and depending on the size of the article or the amount of comments, it causes the web browser to crash. I've had been many issues with the MS Web Browser control since using I've created this app with 3 reported to Microsoft:

    1. LoadedCompleted event does not get triggered when malformed html is provided.

    2. Memory leaks, causing the entire app to crash and error cannot be handled.

    3. Crashes the entire app and error cannot be handled when displaying specific .gif, movies, other.

    4. New: Doesn't display Instagram pictures within article.

    The data above is based on "Percentage of events sampled: 77". It's been months since I've had a .NET error which were bugs and I could fix but as I said, I just don't know what to do to get rid of these, nor do I know if these are crashes or hangs.

    Anyone has any ideas what's causing these and how I can handle them?



    Saturday, January 16, 2016 7:40 PM

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  • Sorry about the formatting!! I tried to make it as clear as I could when I created this thread, but I see it's totally messed up!
    Saturday, January 16, 2016 7:41 PM
  • Hello Thierry,

    Looks like your crash report comes from dashboard? So can you get any exception info when you just debug your app? And from your tile, can I understand it is a Windows Phone Silverlight app?

    In my point of view webbrowser control is not designed for “allow a app developer to embed some part of the web inside the application, but should not be added to an application to allow browsing to any site on the Internet”, so how you host your article on your webbrowser control, would you mind to share some detail?

    By the way, what is your test device when you got the above crash report? A windows 10 phone or some device else, please share us the device OS version info. I think there are so many reasons and I need to get more info from your post.

    Best regards,


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    Monday, January 18, 2016 11:25 AM