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  • I heard a rumor that there will be:
    1. no Visual Studio 2010 Standard Edition for $300 
    2. no unmanaged MFC C++ Visual Studio Edition for $???
    Does this mean that C++ Hobbyists will have to spend $800 for the Professional Edition to get the following features? 
    1. C++ Data Breakpoints  
    2. Ability to write Visual Studio Automation Macros to fix IDE features that Microsoft failed to implement such as the /// that generates XML Document Templates for C# but still doesn't work for Unmanaged C++ 
    3. Ability to write Visual Studio Plugins to implement features that Microsoft failed to implement like spell checking of comments or visual assistance for publishing code via inspection or inclusion in a book. 
    4. MFC Support for Unmanaged C++
    I certainly hope that Microsoft is not expecting hobbyists to seriously consider spending $800 for these features since every one of them is available in Linux.
    1. The freely available MultiTarget GCC and GDB Applications Support C++ Data Break Points
    2. The freely available GNU EMACS allows /// to be easily bound to a LISP script to generate XML Document Style templates at the beginning of C++ Functions. 
    3. The freely available and infinitely customizable GNU EMACS has integrated support for spell check and has plugins that help the user format his/her code for publishing to a book or code inspection.
    4. The Free Gimp Took Kit (GTK) and mostly Free Qt are commonly used multi-platform toolkits that are used for GUI Development.  It is a shame that MFC can't be free for non-profit use. 
    I'm beginning to wonder why anyone would pay $800 for a C++ Compiler that is inferior to the freely available GCC/GDB/EMACS/Gtk combination.

    I suppose this may be the last straw for many Camels...
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 4:51 AM


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