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  • I wish I knew in which forum to put this. People App is de facto best Window contact editor. I keep mine only on iCloud. It was so refreshing to finally have couple of years worth of people editing of these contacts. Windows is SaaS as you know and it totally replaces itself several times per year. Each time presents are forthcoming. For me, my latest present is People stops showing my contacts. No matter what I did.

    I have an idea -- is it possible People can still not show iCloud contacts when the Mail App is not installed? I know this used to be the case early on. But today, 2020, the accounts are part of settings. Mail is uninstallable, and People is not, just reset.

    I tried both ways and I am stuck with this present -- the account syncs but no contacts are shown. Empty and void.

    It is absolutely unfortunate for hundreds of millions of people that Microsoft did not look straight but sideways as far as one of the top ten most vital usages of modern OS. They jumped around and fucked up their contact feature zillions of times in the last 30 years. A book could be written about it. And we still love you. You are good. You are robust. You are the best.

    What can I do for now? Yah, I know...I could use Apple web based client they amply provide, but this web dance is a POS compared to People which is crafted by the best GUI engineers in modern time. Yes, there are many obvious ways to make People better, but the convenience of having trust relation with Windows over my contacts is broken again.

    The biggest problem for mankind today as far as the focal centers of global advancement on the west coast are concerned, is ESCAPISM. Escapism is the atheistic trend of leaving Earth behind and going to Mars or the Moon, or to orbiting stations in space. This is a metaphor. The escape from Earth and its humancentric non attended issues at large. Better escape to Mars before we can figure how to help kids grow well. Better escape to AI before we figure how not to annoy humans on a daily basis. Better attend to super features before we can handle human ergonomy. Better have computer vision before Microsoft will finally realism that "magic" touch pads are the third most important human interface device after the mouse and keyboard as far as desktop usage is concerned. Oh well, where would one unload some steam if not here?

    Tuesday, February 11, 2020 9:35 AM

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  • Hi,

    I could understand your feelings. But this is not the right forum to discuss this issue. You could suibmit a feedback in the Feedback Hub. You could find it in the Start Menu.

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    Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:31 AM
  • This is good place for me. They can take a look here if they want. Tell them. It is not about me and my feedback anyways.
    Wednesday, February 12, 2020 2:16 PM