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  • Hello, i was trying today to put my app to Store. It fail, with raport:

    3.2 - The app was not able to pass the ARM unit Windows App Cerification Kit.

    3.8 - This app failed the performance test in the Windows App Certification Kit

    3.10 - This app failed the Direct3D test in the Windows App Certification Kit

    Its very strange, it looks like my app dont pass WACK on tester computer. My app pass WACK at labs in local Microsoft, it pass on my computer, on my laptop, and on my friends computer. Are store testers have other version of WACK than we have? And what is ARM WACK? How can i test it, if we dont have WinRT...

    And i have also 2 problem. 7 days ago i put my other app to Store. It was download by 500 people from all of the world. Store stats showing 0 crash. I change then English name in DashBoard and try to put same code. My app fail, with raport "App crashes repeatedly during review". How can it crash for Store tester, if some code dont crash for more than 500 people? And how same code 1 time pass, 1 time fail... Maybe you test my app on ARM?

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012 11:50 AM


  • A work around if you don't have access to specific hardware for testing would be to remove the targeted platforms (e.g. ARM) when you are packaging.

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    Tuesday, August 28, 2012 3:09 PM