So does it means that developers from Indonesia are basically out of luck ? why ?



    No Indonesia, that means no developer account, which means tough luck, which means you can't sell your app ?

    Is it because it's not a pro USA muslim country ?

    I see Turkey, Egypt listed, both are pro USA countries. Secular.

    But i don't see any Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan on the list.

    Seem suspicious to me. Oh looks, even Israel is listed, but no Palestine. Hmm.....

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 1:59 PM

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  • Why is Indonesia = Market only, and no developer ?

    Is this a way of saying, "buy our apps, but you can't sell your apps." ?

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:03 PM
  • "you will be able to register for a Windows Store developer account and submit apps if you live or OPERATE A BUSINESS in a country or region listed in this table."

    "OPERATE A BUSINESS in a country or region listed in this table."= Means i can join because i have relatives in Singapore and China, Thank G-d. But i do want to know why only Turkey and Egypt are listed there, while others are not. It's not that i am murky, it's just "something interesting" that i think deserves explanations.

    Is it related to secure banking security in those countries ? ( i don't think Egypt have better secure banking than Indonesia, especially after the so called Arab Spring, am i right?) or maybe related to something else ?

    How about the developers in Indonesia that have no business or relatives in Singapore and China ? Surely Microsoft can gives an exception for Indonesia ?

    It's the largest muslim country that is STILL pro USA (although not as pro USA like Egypt and Turkey). But Turkey and Egypt are going to Iran's side now.Why not swap both of them with Indonesia ?

    I don't think there are a lot of egyptian microsoft developers, judging by the literacy rate there which is below 50%. I do know a lot of developers microsoft in Indonesia though. How about them ? They loves Windows 8. They would want to sell their app too. What if they don't have business or relatives in those listed countries ?

    It's the country with the fourth / fifth largest population. 240 millions people ! 10% of them are christian (24 millions, more christian than the entire Portugal populations put combined), 2% hindu. 

    Come on Microsoft. It's good for the Windows Store. More apps.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:18 PM
  • hmm, after i read my words, it seems i am being too harsh and rude.I don't have any bad intention, i just want Microsoft to be different. Look, i develop for Android and they do the same thing, i developed for Nokia, same thing, i develop for Blackberry, same thing.

    Look, let me be blunt ok ?

    Nokia Store (and handphones) are dead, BlackBerry Store (and Playbook) is in a coma with a third degree cancer, Android Store is stagnant and overpopulated with junk apps, iPad is dying but in denial (the developers at least). You don't have to believe me, the only people who are making money there are the big companies, if you're an individual or small companies and you wanted to make a lot of money there, i have two words for you there, "good luck".

    All of those companies only accepts EU and USA and Japan and etc etc as developers that can sell apps. I had to use my brother's bank account in Singapore or my brother's bank account in China ( i currently lived and worked in Jakarta, Taman Menteng ). I really wish Microsoft would be different. And i really like the Documentation and the Metro language, i believe you CAN beat these all in OS, if the hardware and design of the hardware is good, you will beat these all, i am very sure of it.

    If you can change the countries (add more, like for example, there is a poor developer in who have been reading, studying and making Metro apps but are not being given the CHANCE to even try, since he lives in Dominica Republic. It sickens me to see such thing. Especially when the microsoft employee there reply to him to tell him to read the countries that are supported as if that guy have not read it, and tells him to keep reading it in a daily basis to hope that someday his country will be included. Not even a sorry or a compassionate words or anything like that, for wasting his time learning Metro. Look, What's the point of learning Metro if you can't sell a metro app ? It's a total waste of time if you can't upload your app. And yes, the chance of having Dominica Republic being added are near zero. Don't even think of hoping it will be included someday.  firebrewd You better to just stop reading the docs and consider doing something else that can makes you earn money, web programming, mobile web programming and make a good one, stop wasting your time learning Metro firebrewd, your country is not supported, unless you have relatives, business, or friends that are not corrupt that lived on those countries that are supported, you're wasting time because you can't make money with Metro, you can't even upload your app, how can you make money if you can't even upload your app to the store . You want me to lie and gives you hope that your country will be included someday ? i won't lie to you. Both you and me know it ain't gonna happen. It did not happened in Nokia, Blackberry, Android. And chances are, even when Microsoft read this, they will either ignore it or delete the message.

    Microsoft, If you can add more countries like that guy's country, and Indonesia and more. That would be great. But if you can't, then i guess i can't complain it's your choice. But i am saying that you will be making the same mistake and will also be like Nokia and Blackberry, sooner or later. And yes, back then Nokia developers too are calling me crazy for saying Nokia Store will fail sooner or later. Back then they say "Nokia is the biggest maker of mobile phone, there is no competition". Pffffhh.

    Want to risk it ?

    Cheers !

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 3:58 PM
  • Hi Raymond,

    I would recommend keeping an eye on the following link. The Link provides details of where the Windows Store will be available, and also what regions/Countries developers for the Windows store can submit from.

    If a country is added, then this link will be updated. I should point out that with the release of the Windows 8 Release Preview, countries were added to both where the store will be available, and where developers can submit from.


    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 5:12 PM