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  • I tried to find some way to talk to "support" but other than paying $1500, I wound up here.

    Three problems.

    The most recent is my current 7-day trial is in its tenth day.   The store says

    "You can use this app for now or buy it to own."

    For 10 days.  I installed it on a test account July 15, 2019.  I uninstalled it on the 21st.  It is now late on the 25th. This is not listed in the "All Owned" category at the MS Store.  I have tested this several times before.

    Second problem.  From the task manager I can "Open file location" of my app, select all the files, and copy them to another location.  This "package" runs as if it were own private install.  In other words, and I think this is well-known, there is no protection of Desktop Bridge packages downloaded from the store.  I have duplicated this with other packages there, not just mine.  In other words, everything is free.  Desktop Bridge, at least.

    Third problem.  Promo codes.  On the dashboard, I have one promo code.  The Start date shows 5/26/2017 2:22:01 PM.  The Expire date shows 11/26/2017, 2:22:01 PM.  It claims "Expired" under the Download column.  It has not expired in fact.  I know because I can still download that using another test account (different from the test account used in the most recent problem).  This IS listed in the "All Owned" category at the MS Store.

    My questions are:

    1. Why does the 7-day trial not expire at 7 days?  What is it supposed to do for Desktop Bridge apps?  I expect it to check the store at "7 days", see that it has expired, and to stop running.  I expect a re-download/install to not proceed, at least not while it has the same major version number.

    2. How come it's so easy?

    3. Why don't promo codes stop working when expired?

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  • I have now tested the TRIAL part for a Desktop Bridge app and found the following clues. May be it is of help to someone.

    1) Assume that you are experimenting with an app, setting it as "free" first then adding an add-on purchase or changing it to trial.

    2) Once you use the app on a machine with a more permissive license, for example, free or purchased then the status gets locked to that machine. You can not get away by changing accounts, using test accounts etc on the same machine. You will always get the most permissive status once used.

    3) To test properly, always use a VM which is fresh. Then everything works as expected including the trial. 

    Friday, September 27, 2019 9:01 AM