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  • Hi I have developed in-house Android apps for a company and have been asked by them, (kicking and screaming) to look at some for winphone.

    Can I please get some answers to these questions to get me started.

    Do I need to buy a special windows phone to use to test apps as I write?
      If so, what make or model?
      I ask that as msoft has an AT&T Nokia 520 for 60-bucks.
      Could I get that and unlock it?
      I don't want to invest much as I looked at writing winphone apps a a year or more back and didn't like it then, but I am hoping things may have changed.

    When I pay the $19/$99 fee and unlock a phone, what exactly does it unlock?
      Would I be able to connect to any pre-paid network I have a SIM card for?
      or, will it still be locked to AT&T for the 520 above?

    The last time I looked at winphone it was not possible to have an app change System Settings, things like turning on/off wifi, tethering, Location etc. Has that changed?


    Friday, May 16, 2014 1:53 PM

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  • Yes You can use 520.

    Yes you can unlock and test ur app free of cost.

    for testing app you don't require any sim...i am using 520 without sim since last 6 month for testing my app on device. 

    you need just a MS A/c (i m using hotmail a/c) to unlock your device.

    go to start scree find Window Phone Developer Registration  under Windows 8 SDK. just use it. during unlocking make your screen lock open other wise environment will not detect your phone.



    Friday, May 16, 2014 2:05 PM