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  • One of my apps (WP Silverlight app) translated to several languages has this URGENT issue: in a country Store (Windows 10 MOBILE) for which my app does not have local translation (e.g. Swedish Store) my app name and description are in Portuguese (should be in English). Users whose language is not included in my translations (my app has been translated to over 10 languages) will see my app's localized name and description in Portuguese. In other words they will never download the app because they cannot even understand what the app is for nor can they find the app by its common English name. This probably explains dramatic drop in my app downloads after Windows 10 Store was published.

    Few observations:

    1. I have no idea why Portuguese is selected as "default" language and developer support is not able to explain it. Developer support told me to set the NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute to "en-US" in AssemblyInfo.cs, but it is already like that so there is nothing to change.

    2. This problem does not occur in Windows Phone 8.1 Store (exactly same app package).

    3. My other app which is UWP app has exactly same issue. Only difference is that its default description in Store is in Dutch. For this app the NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute definition is missing, I have not tested yet if adding it will solve the issue. Probably not because my other app has the issue despite of the valid NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute definition.

    4. I have found also other very popular apps that have the same issue: their app descriptions in my local country Store are in Portuguese (should be in English).

    5. If user installs the app from the Store where the app description is in wrong language, the app itself will be in correct default language (English).

    Developer support keeps claiming "not our problem". But I strongly believe this must be a bug in Windows 10 Store. First of all, if app is missing the "NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute" definition, what is the idea of selecting randomly some "Portuguese" as the default language. English should be the natural default choice in any case. And as I said, my other app already has the NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute definition set to "en-US" but it is still displayed in Store in wrong language.

    If your app supports multiple languages, I recommend testing this:

    1. launch Windows 10 mobile emulator

    2. change the emulator language and region to some language/region that your app does not natively support

    3. remove the English language from the emulator (this step is REQUIRED)

    4. launch Store app, search for your app and check the app description

    Any ideas how to solve this?

    Friday, February 12, 2016 3:02 PM

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  • Thursday, February 18, 2016 9:31 AM
  • Yes I posted into that forum originally, but Justin H. decided to move it here as you see. Let's trust forum moderators, this is not the first time they move my posts randomly ;)
    Thursday, February 18, 2016 9:40 AM
  • Update: I added into my UWP app the definition

    [assembly: NeutralResourcesLanguage("en")]

    (into the AssembyInfo.cs, in all assemblies)

    No change, still the same issue.

    I also found another post written in 2014:

    Unbelievable that this kind of bug is at least ~2 years old.

    Thursday, February 18, 2016 9:57 AM
  • Hello,

    Since I do not have your app, it is hard to reproduce your issue in my side, if your issue is very urgent, please use your developer account to open a support case by visiting this URL You will get 1:1 support on that. Besides, please kindly note that your support ticket will be free if it is Microsoft's issue.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Amy Peng

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    Click HERE to participate the survey.

    Friday, February 19, 2016 8:37 AM
  • Free, REALLY!!?? Are you kidding :) I would never pay you in any case. The correct question is that do you pay me for testing your products and reporting you the bugs? As I mentioned in my post I have already created a support ticket, but they have difficulties to solve this. Well, they are still trying to do something.

    This is not only my issue, it is your issue and issue for the whole Windows ecosystem. Apps cannot be found (if app name is localized) or if they can be found, you can't understand the app description because it is in strange language. You don't need my apps to reproduce the issue. I can list you few randomly selected apps that I have tested to have the issue (tested in Swedish Store): "Runtastic", "Wikipedia" and "Battery". I could easily find more apps having the issue. The list is endless because this is not issue in apps, it is Store issue.

    Friday, February 19, 2016 10:44 AM
  • Hello Kine,

    May I have your SR # from your original contact with Dev Center support so I may review it and determine the next steps?


    Contact Dev Center Support

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016 1:48 PM
  • Hi Eric,

    It is SRX1320856328ID

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016 2:21 PM
  • Eric, So did you ever investigate this issue? Actually this has taken too long already, I think I will contact some of your bosses directly. Your dev support just cannot solve it.
    • Edited by kine_ Thursday, March 10, 2016 10:07 PM
    Thursday, March 10, 2016 8:39 PM
  • Hello Kine,

    Please continue to work with Mary via the SR you referenced as she is in contact with you about this case.


    Contact Dev Center Support

    Friday, March 11, 2016 3:45 PM
  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks, but no thanks. You can delete the SR, it is completely waste of time for all of us. I tried to get some answers and/or guidance on what to do for a couple of months. Top 2 answers were at the level "please add missing languages into your app" and "this is by design" or something similar BS. As this appeared to be too difficult issue for you, I already contacted one of your managers directly. In 3 hours I already get the FIRST answer that makes at least some sense. If I cannot get the issue solved with this communication channel now, I give up.

    Friday, March 11, 2016 5:30 PM
  • Hello Kine,

    You will need to change the neutral language to get the desired results, as it was explained in the case. We recognize that the experience could be better and how we can address that is being discussed, but that may take some time before it is determined and then implemented. In order to get the desired results please work with the agent via the SR and follow the steps for the workaround she provided.

    Contact Dev Center Support

    Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:51 PM
  • Hi Eric,

    I have mentioned several times for example in this thread and also in emails sent to your dev support that I have set the neutral language as instructed. So it does not solve the issue and I have not been told any workarounds that work. I hope this is finally clear now.

    I reported the issue to your manager, he understood the issue and promised to open a bug for the engineering team. So they are working on it already, at least I hope so. I was also told that the issue is related to a very technical area of the Store, from which very few people are aware. So now I understand why you failed to solve this. But no problem, I think I finally got my message through so that the issue was recognized and is being investigated.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2016 1:36 PM