Is it possible to share & install enterprise LOB app without company hub app? RRS feed

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  • I am developing an LOB app. I got to know that MS offers company hub app which is used to distribute company apps & other info related to company. So here scenario is the employees first install company hub app. The link of company hub app & AETX file is shared via email or any other way. After using company hub app, LOB will get install. Now I am not interested in company info, news, etc & I have only one LOB app.

    So is it possible to share & install my LOB app directly via email i.e. without using company hub app? I want to bypass the company hub app installation. I want to share an XAP link, which directly installs my LOB app. I am ready to go with all enterprise validation & Symantac certification process.

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  • Hi Xyroid,

    yes, it is possible.

    In fact the Company hub app is nothing different than a normal Windows Phone app. So you can send any signed .XAP with an AETX-file to the user and you're fine.

    Note: The user has to open the AETX-file just once, and then his phone will have the company account to install the apps signed with the corresponding certificate. If you don't have a company hub app, you've to send him updates and new applications in some way, e.g. per email. That is part where the company hub app is good: Users can install updates and new applications over that windows phone app. You don't have to send emails or links to .XAPs. :-)

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