VSTS 2010 Beta2: Changes saved in the UIMap methods disappear when any methed/Assertion is added through "Add and Generete" Method button present on the coded UI test builder RRS feed

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  • I am trying to automate a web based application using VSTS 2010 Ultimate Beta2 Version. I have use COded UI test to record the test scenarios.

    I have planned to make one coded UI test in a project in which I will record all the methods (login, Navigate, Add, Edit ...etc) and then call these methods in different Coded UI tests under the same project. Each of these COded tests would cover one scenario. Now in each of these COded UI tests, I have added assertions for validation and error reporting. I am facing the following issue doing the same:

    1) I have created some methods and assertions in a single project in VSTS using Coded UI tests.
    2) Then I made some changes in the assertions (added error handling code manually).
    3) Now, as soon as I created one more assertion or recorded a methos usind Coded UI test builder and click on "Add and Generate" , all the changes made in the assertions dissapear. 
    For instance, Suppose I have recorded 10 methods in the same project through Cided UI test builder and I have made some custom changes in these methods. Now , IF I go ahead and record the 11th method, all the changes made to the 10 method will go away. 

    It appears that upon calling "Add and Generate" method, the UI map is recreated and therefore it discards all the changes made in the method of the same UI map. 

    If this problem cannot be resolved , then can anyone please suggest how to mintain multiple method under  single project. 


    Monday, December 21, 2009 12:52 PM


  • Hi Prashant,

    Please note that, UI map.cs file is not for modification. If you want to make some changes to already recorded method, please copy the method in seperate class file, rename the method and do the modification. and call the modified method in CodedUItest.cs file.

    Hope this helps
    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 7:04 AM

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