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  • Hi Everyone

    I have an existing UWP application which I would like to create a desktop only version so I can add features only available in non UWP apps.

    I would like to keep the UWP interface but add references to c# .net dll's. So I am hoping a desktop bridge project maybe able to help.

    To do this would I follow this workflow.

    1. Create a new app name in the store.
    2. Modify the manifest to the new name.
    3. Set it to run in full trust and add the extra namespaces.
    4. Create projects and reference them for the extra dll's with the functionality required.

    Please let me know if you think it is possible or not or if I have missed any steps.

    I usually make my manifests / MakeAppx / sign projects manually if its relevant.

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  • Hello,

    You can not consume  classic .net dll from WinRT process even if using desktop bridge. From UWP you can just lunch FullTrust apps (Desktop Bridge converted apps) .In this case you will have two separate apps

    What I'm suggesting.

    There is UWPDesktop NuGet package which allow to call UWP API from WPF app (But not all APIs). You can try to use it.

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