Html5 media player in edge browser RRS feed

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    I have a HTML5 video player in a javascript UWP web app.

    I want to access the id3 tags in the metadata for adds during the ad break.

    So I have this.mediaElement.textTracks.addEventListener('addtrack', this.addTrack, false); which is firing for every add. 

    function addTrack(track) {

        track.addEventListener("cuechange", function (cueChangeEvent) {

            console.log(cueChangeEvent) //empty array


    I was expecting to see the metadata in  cueChangeEvent


    this.mediaElement.videoTracks.addEventListener('addtrack', this.addTrack, false);

    this.mediaElement.audioTracks.addEventListener('addtrack', this.addTrack, false);

    don't fire

    Is there another event other than cuechange i should be looking for?

    Thursday, November 8, 2018 3:21 PM