How would i get this! done.

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  • its a type to/talk to/ drag and drop, automatic product creator ie (comic books, video games, software, movies, art and literature)

    all it takes is comprehensive language and coding, for a command prompt /dialogue box system

    and a visual engine / database, (using visual recognition reverse engineered it can not only match imagery but make it life like if that's the preffered)

    with a art style list, like a fonts list

    it should be screen in screen, so that one may surf the net while working, or stream media, or play games and work, ect

    the outer edge of the window should be the drag and drop buttons toolbar, and on the top bar, tabs for separate in program features.

    Oddecx – Business Label

    Oddity – Personal profile creator/manager Creativity encouraged

    Dragon Drawp – Screen frame toolbar, complete with above features, and all Oddecx developer tools

    Tabset 1

    Azemblem Linez – Command Prompt, For Assembly Line, Consisting of...

    Screen in screen interface for multimedia streaming, and multimatter dev mode

    -Oddible - Recording studio Writers board

    -Odd Mode – (click for freestyle lyricist to be heard unexpectedly for recording of spontinaity, or missed moments for social media witha web cam (addaptive custumizable and evolver) /set and forget mode for all sorts of oddities / cookies /easter eggs

    Learning software that evolves according to you and your preferences

    -Odd Code – Right click Menu (enhanced) buttons for one/two click button coding

    Spatial conquest codemapping (works with nano clock) And Space Ai. With god mode.

    -God Mode – Game mod, Level based Media Steam – My.st – Fog

    -Resume p►y – Build your resume and earn Job offers from companies, or Freelance seekers

    -Nano Clock – Ai builder, Type/talk to create Virtual Nano Technology and marketable software

    -Space.i – build worlds and peoples which can function as your devices workers, as well as items/Icons

    -Dark Art - Automated art generator

    -Tripple Take – Movie maker, webcam digital cam ect-app, with special FX features


    -Documatic – Input Base Data and generate a relevant document

    -Xlayerz – tabbed Language layer system for multiple word combination (add visual transitional FX)

    - create Grid based word compilations to create verbal completions (math and visuals for incarnate)

    -Scratch – Symbol system for creating languages/ Codexes, -solution compilations

    -Novelties – Book Creator

    [Matchbook- parental script control ]

    [ 21- adult social media profile and advertising ] [due to intense adult content ie **** based games ect]

    Adappted – Marketing and adverstising app

    Interapt -

    Aptor – on screen buddy, climbs windows and acts as Help/suggestions/reminders/ customizable

    Alternate Direction - Web Directory

    DragonFly – Camera to Camera Directional Knowledge/comprehension and simulation reality mixer

    Inc. - Incarnate color spectrums using transparent words / movement applicable, with division rates for

    Power / essential visuals

    Sublime – security system for incarnates (no subliminal messages)

    HyperCube – Box Desktop/ icon set/ai system, to create a hypercube for seperate progam builds

    Flexfit - Customize emails, domains, apps and software (highlight over your version/word/art to draw up original description , in case of poor memory)

    Caverns- Creature / Creator, batcave,Mouseholes, for Touch Or Mouse – gesture and habits programming, Ie. Exactness with artistics, to build an art style (for art style font list)

    Careware (Won555) – Toolbar complete with q&a (like freerice/itself) , Donation Entry , Links


    Hackurate - correct a problem, point it out, to get a ...

    Prison check – financial gain and a trophy of a inmate in your Trophy Experiment

    Market Arts - - Image advertising/buy and sell, frames on desktop or themed for computer on a shift basis, images link to artists choice of link (creates advertising pay per click system for artists while being freeish for consumers) advertising frame optional for new images

    – Merge different Calanders clocks, and patterns to see application of all points of view

    ie. Moon based calander, chinese calander, Degrees around the sun ect

    eventually I wish to go as far as to make this a hardware system


    Server Tower (pair to a computer) / Oddecx

    Gps based services (minmal amounts and or) ie ISP contact or other offline services

    Keymaster - card reader and profile system 

    Strategy board – Display board / touch screen for Sketch symbol/language keyboard

    touch pen and mousless mouse

    The Bat - mouse/ remote, for laser pointer like mouse use, and extra button features

    (im sure Microsoft would like to be first in line)(I don't know my way around very well so any help would do)

    (In my belief oddecx would be a perfect device as an inbetween for game consoles and computers but I don't want to reach too far, I just want to get the software built)

    Friday, March 3, 2017 6:39 AM

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  • the logo would be a green portal of sorts, perhaps with a middle finger/ 3 digit hand Point
    Friday, March 3, 2017 6:43 AM
  • Developing would become easier as you could create your own code and build a continual code so if your used to your own that just becomes more functional, jobs for developers would become either web based or security, and you could still make programs but with ease and previous knowledge in the field. plus as teams major projects would still be pertinent to homemade products, as more goes into them (name brands are still name brands)

    and what it would really do, is expand the future vision of the people, causing us to excel in creativity and thus better ourselves as a civilizatio

    along with this (I forgot to mention ) is this


    Virtual simulation
    of an atom could allow the study of degeneration in order to provide
    cures for old age, diseases, and simple inward feeling

    Nano tubes and chip like design, could be used to create textures which could be
    fashioned into healing pads, and body suits,  a similar texture but
    broken down into a granual, could be used as a planetary healing
    substance, helping the atmosphere and the sun (which is part of
    atmospheric cleansing in the field of Energy.

    Medical equipment screens could be attached to a body suit and made to show visuals of
    energy readings in order to create the ellusion of power, using this
    in a domed Building with a light show coordinated to hand motions
    could further the effect.

    Friday, March 3, 2017 6:51 AM
  • and all problems that present themselves are quite simple to troubleshoot, or idealize in the solution of them.

    I also wish not to compete, but to create a device that works alongside and follows the guidelines.

    and would offer that using this technology, (rather then it taking over) that the multi minded madness of a team such as those  that pertain, would moreso adapt and then excel above and beyond.

    But the question at hand is How do I get this created (being broke) and who do I talk to?
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    Friday, March 3, 2017 6:53 AM