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  • It would be extra helpful for both developers and app testers if we were given an opportunity to add privacy policy to the app without having to write any code but via app manifest.

    Personally I'd be willing to sacrifice the ability to show custom themed UI for the simplicity of just adding the URL and the text to our app manifest and having the OS take care of showing it to the user when the app is run for the first time and then adding the appropriate item in the settings charm.

    Having the user accept the policy in the store before they install the app would be even better.

    The effort of adding the privacy policy to every app is small but it adds up, just like the effort of testers to verify it and reject the app, either because I forgot to add the settings charm or to turn off the Internet capability which it turned on by default.

    I realize that some people would like to customize the process and these people can do the privacy policy the old fashioned way.

    Friday, September 27, 2013 9:19 PM

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  • Agree 100%.

    It would be even more efficient I think if MS were to host a number of generic privacy policies on a server and the app manifest provided say 3 or 4 checkboxes were you could choose between a basic (don't collect any info), a minimal (don't collect any info but 3rd parties might), a more comprehensive and a custom were you would then link to your own policy.

    A privacy policy link could be placed in the settings charm with the url depending on which policy was chosen in the app manifest. This would provide a more consistent experience for users and seeing as how many privacy policies are already being hosted on azure wouldn't be much of a cost to MS

    Saturday, September 28, 2013 10:07 AM