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  • hi,

    i know that similar questions have been asked but i simply cannot believe this is true.

    In Windows 8.1 it is NOT POSSIBLE to query for a users appointments?
    They exist in the built in calendar but are not accessible for developers?

    I want to create an app that simply shows appointments from all calendars that a user has configured on his computer in a list or on a live tile. I do not need the methods that are described in the sample: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsapps/Appointments-API-sample-2b55c76e

    I only want to show a list of appointments in my app.

    The suggestion from MS is to use the windows live SDK?

    Why do i need to use a specific API for such a basic thing?
    You allow to add, edit and delete appointments but simply READING is not possible?

    What happens when the user has no internet connection?
    How should he get his appointments from windows live?

    Windows Phone 8 allows to query for appointments - why doesn't Windows 8.1 do this?

    As written: I want to show appointments from ALL calendars (windows live, exchange, google, facebook, ...) that are configured on a users PC. Of course i do not want to write provider specific code to access all this different calendar types.

    Additionally i do not want that a user has to sign in to windows live, google, facebook again - this data has already been entered in the built in calendar.

    Why should a user enter it's login data again + per app?
    What if he/she simply does not want to enter personal login data to an app?

    best regards,

    Dienstag, 5. November 2013 11:14

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