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Reading/Writing NFC tags


  • Hi,

    I'm interested in building an application that can read (and write if possible) NFC tags.
    Reading the documentation and going through the samples, there's no mention of tags or how you can subscribe to a tag message (except URL which I am not interested in.) Basically I want to store a small amount of data on a tag and have the application read it (the data can be written with the application if possible or with an external device/app).

    Does anyone have any information about the following:

    • Are NFC tags supported by Windows 8 Consumer Preview? (the hardware I have is the Samsung Slate PC handed out at \\BUILD)
    • Are there any sources of information on how to read/write tags (SubscribeForMessage receives a message type string. Is there any supported except "WindowsUri"?)
    • Any information on the type of NFC tags supported?

    Help with this would be really appreciated as I have not found any valuable information.



    1. března 2012 13:17


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