Sentinel: how does a vendor create a brand new 'Data Connector'? RRS feed

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  • Hello: we are interested in creating an Azure Sentinel Data Connector that integrates with our platform and then offering that as one of the 30 or so OOTB Azure Sentinel Data Connectors. Problem is we can't find any documentation that explains what that process would like.
    2019年11月19日 17:36


  • You may go with creating a custom connector using HTTP Data Collector API if the currently available data connectors does not suffice your need.  You can use this API to ingest any data to Sentinel.  

    You may have other options like PowerShell, Logic Apps to achieve the same and here is an article around creating custom connectors.

    2019年11月19日 19:03
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  • Actually, what we are asking is how do we create/package/template/configure/etc artifacts so that they can be offered as one of the 30 or so OOTB data connectors? Ie, I believe there are currently 32 OOTB data connectors currently, thus what do we need to do on our end to have ours offered as a 33rd? In other words, how does a company create and offer a Data Connector?
    2019年11月20日 20:24