ConnectivityManager.AcquireConnectionAsync always returns NetworkConnectivityLevel.LocalAccess RRS feed

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  • Hi. I’m trying to develop the Cellular Connection app refer to following sample.

    I’m using Windows 10. Visual Studio 2017.

    Target Version is Windows 10, version 1809 (Build 17763)

    Minimum Version is Windows 10 (Build 16299)

    and have a Mobile SIM Card.

    My partial code is as below


        if (btnConnDisconn.Content.ToString() == "Connect")
                    CellularApnContext cellularApnContext = new CellularApnContext();

                    cellularApnContext.AccessPointName = "internet";
                    cellularApnContext.AuthenticationType = CellularApnAuthenticationType.None;
                    connectionResult = Windows.Networking.Connectivity.ConnectivityManager.AcquireConnectionAsync(cellularApnContext);
                    connectionResult.Completed = ConnectionCompletedHandler;


    It returns no error, but NetworkConnectivityLevel (connectionProfile.GetNetworkConnectivityLevel()) always returns ‘LocalAccess’, not ‘InternetAccess’.

    But if I connect the cellular manually by Windows task bar, it can access the internet.

    Could you help to investigate this problem?


    2019年4月11日 上午 03:27