skype web sdk api don't login RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone, I refer to skype's official documentation to learn skype web sdk api normally,  Ready to login skype, I got an error
    “Error: CommandDisabled” ,I can't find the answer to this problem,Below is my code for testing login:

    Can someone tell me the specific reason ? thank you very much

    <!doctype html>
    <title>My Skype Web SDK app</title>

    <iframe id="xFrame" src="about:blank" style="display:none;"></iframe>
    <script src=""></script>

    Skype.initialize({ apiKey: 'a42fcebd-5b43-4b89-a065-74450fb91255' }, api => {
    var app = new api.application;
    app.signInManager.signIn ({
    username: '',
    password: '%3*wserf1230'
    }).then(() => {
    console.log("signed in as", app.personsAndGroupsManager.mePerson.displayName());
    }, err => {
    console.log("cannot sign in", err);
    }, err => {
    console.log("cannot load the sdk package", err);

    2019年12月6日 14:20