Flowlayoutpanel flowbreak bug. It creates unwanted empty space


  • When two controls that would fit width-wise are added to a Flowlayoutpanel, and the first one has FlowBreak = true, the FlowLayoutPanel inserts a significant amount of unwanted vertical blank space between the controls.


    Even in design time it can be reproduced. Steps are:

    - Create a new form

    - Add a flow layout panel

    - Add a label

    - Add a button

    - Set flowbreak=true on the label

    - Resize the button width-wise. It jumps up and down, the unwanted blank space appears and dissappears, depending on whether it is large enough to fit alongside the label or not.


    I'm really surprised noone has made a reference to this bug in msdn forums, or any of the usual search engines.


    We have an application that creates controls dynamically, and the client is hammering us with this bug. Help is appreciated.

    11 апреля 2007 г. 22:38


  • Yes, I can readily reproduce your problem.   It sure looks like a bug to me.  I can find no other references to this bug, either through Product Feedback or Google.  It is specific to a label being the 1st control.  The amount of space added doesn't seem to depend on any property of the label.  I cannot find a workaround for this bug, other than making either control wide enough.

    I can only recommend you record this bug at Product Feedback.  It is unlikely you'll get a quick workaround or bug fix.  Call MSFT support for a possible quicker workaround or hotfix if you can't afford the wait.
    12 апреля 2007 г. 4:19

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