How can I use field value in a databound grid column's DefaultCellStyle format declaration ?


  • to make this clearer I am giving the code below.
    The Product Table Adapter is not used at the time of this class declaration. So how can I mention the field value as function parameter ?
    Thanks to everbody for their interest.

    public class Col_ProductName : Sanat.ssClass1.ssDataGridViewTextBoxColumn {

    protected Sanat.ssClass1.ssDataGridViewCellStyle _ssDefaultCellStyle;

    public Col_ProductName() {

    this.DataPropertyName = "ProductName";

    this.HeaderText = "Product Name";

    this.Name = "ProductName";

    this._ssDefaultCellStyle = new Sanat.ssClass1.ssDataGridViewCellStyle();

    this._ssDefaultCellStyle.ForeColor = Sanat.ssFunc1.GetProductColor(string ProductName); // <-- param.problem! 

    this.DefaultCellStyle = this._ssDefaultCellStyle;



    4 iulie 2005 17:18