MSMQ - Delay in receiving message from Windows Server to users machine RRS feed

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  • Greetings!

    Our application uses Microsoft Message Queue(MSMQ) to get message from server. Message through Message Queue arrives delayed after 8 to 10 minutes from server to users machine. 

    Enabled Message Queue Event Viewer Logs and captured all the events. Please find the observations below.

    MSMQ Logs in Server (Sending Server):

    Message sent to user machine’s queue at 11:12:36 PM

    Message sent over network at 11:20:01 PM

    MSMQ Logs in user's machine (Receiving machine):

    Message came over network at 11:20:00 PM

    Message received at 11:20:00 PM

    Message put in user machine's queue at 11:20:00 PM

    The delay is happening between the events ‘Message sent to user machine’s queue’ and ‘Message sent over network’. This issue occurs for the first time and if another message delivered immediately there won’t be any latency. But the delay reappears again if the message got delivered after some hours.


    1. There is no delay issue for 6 to 7 hours if the sending server restarted.

    2. There is no delay issue for 6 to 7 hours if the Message Queuing services in Services.msc restarted.

    3. Windows Server 2012 R2 - Sending server version

    Please advise how to resolve the issue. Thanks!

    2020年7月15日 6:52