Microsoft Edge has problems with network endpoint devices RRS feed

  • Domanda

  • Hello,

    we have some network endpoint devices. These are devices which has only an internal network interface used for configuration and display indicated values. There is no further connection to internet like at a real network adapter.

    To certify the device drivers with WHQL we must set following parameters:
    *PhysicalMediaType = 0x0 ; NdisPhysicalMediumUnspecified
    HKR,,*NdisDeviceType, %REG_DWORD%, 1

    If driver is configured with these parameters devices will not be shown in network adapter list. Nevertheless ping works and browsers can open a dedicated IP address and have access to internal web sites. But device is shown in Network and Sharing Centre and can be configured there.

    We and our costumers had no problems with this configuration up to Windows 10. Now Microsoft Edge is standard browser and more and more customers use this. But this browser has no access to our devices. Has anyone an idea why? All other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have further access to our devices on same operating system! Is there a configuration possibility to make devices accessable for Microsoft Edge too?

    mercoledì 29 novembre 2017 10:17