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  • Domanda

  • Hi,

    on my android I installed the new edge ( with this wonderful function to directly scan a QR-Code. Now I ask my self if it's possible to use this function for my website? But I didn't find any information.

    Is it possile to "include" the function to read a qr-code in my own forms. Like a special CSS-Style or an attribute in an input-tag. Or is it a js-function ???

    So maybe someone here can give me an info.

    My hopes are like this: there is an attribute to an input-tag. With this attribute an icon for the code-scan is shown. Than you scan the code and the value is given to the input-tag. With this I can choose to submit the form by "onchange" or something.

    Looking forward for some answers :)

    venerdì 16 marzo 2018 11:37

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