ClickOnce with optional dll in subdirectory gets incorrect version RRS feed

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  • If I have a application directory structure with application core parts in the base
    directory and a plugin part in a subdirectory and both directories have a file
    'A.dll' the .\plugin\A.dll is put there immediately upon installation with wrong

    My reproduce example has the following directory layout.

    Note that the SharedDll.dll files are of different versions and not compatible.
    I create the application and deployment manifest in mage and set the two plugin
    files as optional.

    Then when installing the clickonce application I can see in the cache that
    .\PluginDllClass1\SharedDll.dll exists immediately after installation and is
    of the same version as .\SharedDll.dll.
    When I then kick in the DownloadFileGroup the plugin SharedDll is not
    downloaded and the plugin execution fails.

    Is this a bug/shortcoming/misuse of ClickOnce?

    mardi 20 février 2007 09:53