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    Hi all

    i have a developed a web services application, with user interface on windows form. i want to know whehter the coding style i used is good and whether it is a 3 tier or not. i have done following things. i will take one whole process (Adding a new user) and will tell where i used the code for that

    First of all what i have done is, i have made all the methods into on asmx file for the sake of simplicity and so i dont have to make multiple web references.

    i. on windows form's add button, i am using object of my webservice (say mymember) and call method like mymember.adduser(username, pass),

    Now onto webservice, i have divided my webserive project into 2 parts. one is components folder and under which i have different class files for each section (e.g. Users, resellers, DB )and one is the code behind of myservice.asmx from where i call the appropriate method. like when adduser is called i make object like

    dim user as new components.users

    user.adduser(username, pass)

    after this step the control goes to users class, where i make connection, and all db related stuff, call queries and return a boolean value or dataset (if its some select query for datagrid) and pass that dataset to windows form. where i can do whatever i want to with it.


    plz tell me what can i do to make it 3 tier and also how can i implements session in my application for windows forms and webservice to secure webservice.



    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 6:51 PM


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