Custom Tasks for Setup and Deployment project decide based on user input and put files in system32 folder


  • I have two files and ESSETL1.ini and ESSETL2.ini in two folders in my installation project

    1. Based on the user Radio button click
    2. I want to put ESSETL.ini in Environment.SystemDirectory(system32) folder is it possible..?if yes please help me with the installation project...


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  • I'll repeat that you don't need code to do this - just look at the link I gave you.  It's a complex mess to use code because you're running as a call from an msiexec.exe process.  Also, when you build the setup project all your files are inside the MSI file, that's the default. Where do you think you are copying it from?

    In the File System View in the IDE of the setup project, Right click on File System on Target Machine, then Add Special Folder, then add System Folder. Put your file in there, and have a condition on it based on the property of the RadioButton as in the RadioButtons example in the link I posted.

    Phil Wilson

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