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  • I have a new computer set-up for a small business running a third party software (IDEXX-Cornerstone). It is a veterinary business management software. The software was upgraded with Window 7 compatiable installed by the company, a new CPU was purchased to the IDEXX specification plus. As I work on the computer the screen I'm working on will disappear for about 15 seconds and reappear or if I go to move the mouse the screen disappears and then returns. It is extremely anoying. I was advised it was a windows 7 glitch. I purchased a new laptop (Dell Inspiron) with all the bells and whistles and it did the same thing. The only thing the two computers had in commom was the blinking screen. After 100's of updates, compatibility runs, reinstalls, software repairs, etc. I seem to have the laptop problem taken care of but the business CPU still has the problem. I don't know which update repaired the laptop. Can anyone tell me what causes the blinking screen and how to make it stop disappearing? Thanks for your help.



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