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  • I was in medicine for 15 years.  I tried for 20 but just couldn't do it! OK so I didn't try hard enough! Enough of all the gov't telling me how to work! So I have wondered down my path of passive income (even though I am done - for now). I have many ideas of ways to make money and have FUN doing it too! The problem is that I am 46 and while everyone else were working on computers, I was working on cadavers!  I know enough about computers as I am not 4 years old. But what I need to take on for my "new" source of income, besides boring you with financial retirement BS, is to get out in the social media world. I get to do a lot more reading now, but I know I will still need to find a web developer, and that social media butterfly.  I was reading about changing to developer mode.  Is that just something for building apps?  Or do I need to do that as well?  I would like whomever I hire to build by web site and get me involved in to the social media game that I have a minutia of computer knowledge. 

    I don't know the "rules" for these forums but can you give out consultations to people about who to hire, not to hire (I take that one back), what type of credentials you look for?  How not to get 10 grand in the whole right off the start?  Nowadays you can go on 10 different websites and read enough about your doctor that you feel like he is your best friend before you even make a appointment!!

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    Thursday, May 25, 2017 6:41 AM