Databing Problem (Control.Visible==false)


  • Hi,

    i've got a problem with the databinding. When i create a new record, i fill some default values to the controls. They can be diffrent as the default values of the DataColumn-Object.

    When the user wants to update the data to a database, the values that are in the controls which have the state Visible==false is not stored to the corresponding  DataRow. I think, its because the controls, only perform the databinding, when they're Visible==true??

    Also i can't write the values directly to the DataRow-Object, because the object is not created, when i call BindingManagerBase.AddNew(). And i can't create the DataRow-Object manually, because of the DataColumns which are AllowDBNull==true, maybe must get filled by the user.

    Is there no other solution, than to make the controls visible?? Some times, i've got many columns, so to make all controls visible, it takes performance. And the application don't look good, when some controls "flash" to the user.


    Ch. Meier

    Monday, January 09, 2006 8:33 AM

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