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  • Hi all,

    My question has been answered many times over the years.  Unfortunately, most of the answers/articles/etc. seem to be rather out of date.  I tried searching the forums, but either the concept hasn't been discussed much recently or I simply couldn't guess the right search keywords.

    Anyway, I have written a C# desktop application that uses SQL as a backend.  I need to create an installation package that can be easily downloaded, provides the ability to have prompts (such as checking for an existing SQL server or creating one, copying/extracting files, etc.) as well as knows how to install software depending on the version of Windows they are running (and apply updates should I issue those.)

    I know I can get the basic version of installshield for free.  But there are also a number of other options, such as Wix (apparently also written by MS).  I have found a number of places that compare (on a very basic level) the various installers.  But all the more thorough comparisons, etc. are rather out of date (the best one I found was dated 2009....)

    Can you please point me to any LINKS that have current information on options available and in use today?

    It might also be nice to add something about installers to the FAQ page (yes, I checked that too.)


    me (and yes, I DO mark correct answers)

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