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  • Hi,

    I want to ask about the Syntactic highlighting of code snippets especially those for C#.

    There are currently some issues with the coloring of the words.

    For those of us who are used to using Visual Studio, there are conflicting colors that might need to be seen to.

    For Example:

    In Visual Studio, Comments are highlighted in Green and Strings are Highlighted in Red-Orange

    Visual Studio - 

    Colors in Visual Studio

    But in the forums - 

    //This is the color of the comment in Visual Studio
      "This Is The color of a String in Visual Studio"

    Another Example:

    Visual Studio - 


    In the Forums - 

    private string CalculateTotalPrice()
                decimal finalTotalPrice = 0;
                finalTotalPrice =
                        .Sum(rowView => (decimal) rowView["Total Item Price"]);
                catch (Exception exception)
                return finalTotalPrice.ToString("C");

    I think that these are important to people who review code as it can easily become confusing what the text is if you not already used to the forums.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful...

    From, Nathaniel Peiffer

    Saturday, January 18, 2014 6:49 AM