How To Set A Default Property Value For A User Control


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    I have a String property named CriteriaLabel1 in a user control and I set a default value for it in the constructor.  Then I expose a property to let the form which uses the control change the label text.  But when I place the control on a form the value of that property is set to empty.  Why doesn't the value stay in that property?  I don't want to manually enter that text in every instance of the user control that I place on the form.  I want the default property to appear in the Properties window of that control automatically.  There must be a way.  Can you tell me how?

     // User Control class
     public partial class FilterCriteria : UserControl
      private String msCriteriaLabel1;
      public FilterCriteria()
       msCriteriaLabel1 = "Enter multiple values separated by a comma";
      public String CriteriaLabel1
       get { return msCriteriaLabel1; }
       set { msCriteriaLabel1 = value; }

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  • Wait a minute.  I did something wrong.  The existing user controls all have empty for this property value.  However, I just placed a new copy of the user control on the form and it has the default property value set like I want.  Why don't the others have that default value?  Did I set the default value in the constructor after I had already placed those controls on the form and they don't get reset when I change the constructor?


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  • Attributes in Windows Forms Controls 

    Most controls use more than one attribute to achieve a desired behavior in the Properties Window at Design Time.  Questions about topics such as these are bested on the forum at this link.

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