WinForms and Background Transparency


  • Hi, I'm trying to create a minimalistic window that is pretty simple. Ideally I'd like it to have a 70% transparent background allowing the user to see through it, with a solid 1px border, a few labels, and a textbox with it stuck to the desktop via W32 SetParent (solid meaning not transparent). Clearly since the Form.Opacity property makes controls transparent as well that is of no use, I tried using the DWM to extend Aero Glass to the entire form but when you set a labels background color to transparent the entire control renders black instead of text with transparent background, and I had a failed attempt at trying to implement LayeredWindows (not sure if that would work even). Any insight or help into this would be great, the solution doesn't exactly have to be robust this application will only be running on my computer (Running Win7 atm, and plan on purchasing at release) Thanks for the help.
    Saturday, February 14, 2009 6:03 AM


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