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      This forum was created to address questions about writing code in C++. Visual C++ supports several programming language standards including the following:

    • C - ISO C90 with a few features for C99
    • C++ - ISO standard for C++
    • C++/CLI - Forthcoming standard for C++ programs running on the CLR
    • OpenMP - Standard for concurrent programming in C++
    • IEEE Floating Point - Visual C++ 2005 has much improved support for FP

    In addition, Visual C++ is the best language for writing code that interops between different technologies. Visual C++ can compile any C++ code to run on the Common Language Runtime by using the /clr switch.

    This forum is available to ask questions about the language constructs that Visual C++ offers as well as questions on the interop technologies.

    Wednesday, May 18, 2005 8:39 PM