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  • I am trying to access `Azure Service Bus` `Queue` from my `Windows Service` application.
    I am following [this](https://github.com/Azure/azure-service-bus/blob/master/samples/DotNet/Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging/RoleBasedAccessControl/Program.cs) sample.

    I want to protect this `Azure Service Bus` using `Azure Service Principal`  Below are the steps I have implemented

     1. Register an application named `pc-shutdown-producer` in `Azure Ad`
        representing my `Windows Service`
     2. I have created my Azure `service bus namespace` named `shutdowncomputer` 
     3. Inside `Access control (IAM)`, I have added `Role Assignment` with below values
           - Role - `Azure Service Bus Data Owner`
           - Assign access to - `pc-shutdown-producer`

    As per my knowledge above configuration will let `pc-shutdown-producer` application to manage all the resources in the servicebus namespace.
     4. Apart from this, I have also provided `pc-shutdown-producer` delegated API Permissions to access the service bus namespace.

    Below is my C# code.

     public async Task Init()
        			string authority = $"https://login.windows.net/{TenantId}";
        			ITokenProvider tokenProvider = TokenProvider.CreateAzureActiveDirectoryTokenProvider(AuthenticationCallback, authority);
        			var endpoint = new Uri($"sb://shutdowncomputer.servicebus.windows.net/");
        			var entityPath = "shutdownrequest";
        			var qc = new QueueClient(endpoint.ToString(), entityPath, tokenProvider);
        			Message m = new Message();
        			m.Body = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("{id: 1, name: 'hemant'}");
        			m.ContentType = "application/json";
        				await qc.SendAsync(m);
        			catch (Exception ex)
        				//I am getting exception here. 
        				//Unauthorized access. 'Send' claim(s) are required to perform this operation.
        				throw ex;
        		private async Task<string> AuthenticationCallback(string audience, string authority, object state)
        			string accessToken = string.Empty;
        			IConfidentialClientApplication app = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder.Create(AppId)
        			var serviceBusAudience = new Uri("https://servicebus.azure.net");
        			List<string> claims = new List<string>();
        				var result = await app.AcquireTokenForClient(claims.ToArray()).ExecuteAsync();
        				accessToken = result.AccessToken;
        			catch (Exception ex)
        				//No issue here.
        			//Successfully able to retrieve a token.
        			return accessToken ;

    Upon executing `Init()` , I am getting below exception message.

    `Unauthorized access. 'Send' claim(s) are required to perform this operation. Resource: 'sb://shutdowncomputer.servicebus.windows.net/shutdownrequest'. TrackingId:52c0eedcf19d4513a8ec105943859764_G12, SystemTracker:gateway7, Timestamp:2020-05-11T06:59:01`


    Regards, Hemant Shelar

    Monday, May 11, 2020 7:19 AM

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  • The code that you've shared looks good to me.

    Do note that RBAC role assignments may take up to 5 minutes to propagate. Could you confirm if you are still seeing this error?

    Thursday, May 14, 2020 2:41 PM