DataGridView DefaultValuesNeeded - Row.DataBoundItem Coming up Null


  • Hi,

    I'm binding a DataGridView to a BindingsSource, which in turn I'm binding to a List of custom Invoice objects.

    The BindingsSource has AllowNew set to True, so when the application opens, the Grid will display a blank row with a * next to it. 

    The Invoice object does have a default constructor (at least a parameterless constructor - that's the same thing, right?), and that constructor is being called before the DataGridView's DefaultValuesNeeded event fires.  I know, becaused I debugged it.  At the time DefaultValuesNeeded fires, there is one Invoice object in the list of Invoices that the grid is bound to.  Yet, for an unknown reason, when I try to look at e.Row.DataBoundItem, it comes up null. 

    I know I could just use MyBindingsSource.Current instead, but I really want to know why the row's DataBoundItem is null.

    Thanks in advance.

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:06 PM


  • Hi Aaron Edwards,

    The root cause is e.Row is a new row in the DataGridView. The DataBoundItem will not return the related objec if the row is new.
    Below is the code of the DataBoundItem via reflector:
    public object get_DataBoundItem()
        if (((base.DataGridView != null) && (base.DataGridView.DataConnection != null)) && ((base.Index > -1) && (base.Index != base.DataGridView.NewRowIndex)))
            return base.DataGridView.DataConnection.CurrencyManager[base.Index];
        return null;

    Let me know if this does not help.
    Aland Li
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    Monday, March 15, 2010 9:10 AM