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    I'm working on a project, which involves the timing routines for the process similar to FFT. It is a stochastic radiolocation device. Can't be close enough to the subject but it seems the Robotics is concerned with the same procedures as I developed an artificial intelligence for this project first.

    You can see a presentation of my technology at STC2k - holographics virtualization Radar/Sonar together with pricing, because I'm selling this technology for inclusion on other projects, such as Ethernet spam activity detection or antivirus software.

    Compositor Software

    Now, I'm interested in a final product development, but can't find any information on Windows clocking device. I need to achieve the speeds of clock similar to FFT sample rate, but much higher, such as up to 4GHz for my discretization algorithm. In Linux there is a possibility to achieve up to 1MHz with nanoclock, but is there any possible solution for Windows to access main processor ALU module for counting of my discretization? My method is well documented and you can find it in a "Compositor - the bottom-up approach" paper on Google scholar, just search for Ruslan Yusipov as an author.

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    Saturday, February 28, 2015 5:35 PM