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  • NOTE: In RDS 4 you have full access to all Simulator features, including the Editor, and all of the environments. There are no separate Editions as in previous versions of RDS.


    Q: Why does UpdatePhysicsTimeStepnot appear to update the simulator to a fixed time step?

    A:  A late bug fix resulted in a regression on this message, however, there is a simple workaround. Try adding the following method to your service and calling it after base.Start(). Note, this workaround assumes your main camera entity is named “MainCamera.” If it is named something differently, please update the name in this method appropriately.

    void SetFixedPhysicsTimeStep(float timeStep)


        var notificationTarget = new SimulationEnginePort();

        var subscribeBody = new EntitySubscribeRequestType();

        subscribeBody.Name = "MainCamera";


            subscribeBody, notificationTarget);


            false, notificationTarget, insertNotification =>


                var cameraEntity = insertNotification.Body as CameraEntity;

                if (cameraEntity != null)



                        new UpdatePhysicsTimeStep(timeStep));


                        new UpdateCameraView(new CameraView


                            EyePosition = TypeConversion.FromXNA(


                            LookAtPoint = TypeConversion.FromXNA(







    Q: I am having trouble building or running any of the sample projects. How can I fix this?

    A:  Try the following things and if none of them solve your problem, please make a post on the forums.

    ·         Are you building from Visual Studio 2010 or Visual C# Express?

    o   We only officially support Visual Studio 2010 at the moment

    ·         Did you previously have a version of MRDS installed?

    o   If so, try the following steps:

    o   Uninstall MRDS

    o   Delete all files in the place MRDS was previously installed (we don’t delete files that were generated when building projects)

    o   Reinstall MRDS

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 6:49 PM