How to issue setup to the different users according to their membership with windows application? RRS feed

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  • Can anybody suggest me for my application scenario?
    My Client is running a study center who want to give tutorials(Video and Pdf files) with a windows application to his students so that they can revise their subject at their home.
    This application has to be divided in to two parts
    1) A windows app that will be used by admin who will issue videos and pdf's(a windows app setup) to his students according to their membership. Membership means here suppose a student is studying English subject then he is allowed to get English (pdf and video's) data with application and if someone is studying English and Mathematics then he is allowed to get both subjects study material with the application(Study material is already prepared in pdf and videos)
    I am storing both pdf's and video's in database so that they should not be opened directly or should not be passed to the others
    2) A windows app that will run at student PC and will show only study material according to his membership
    Please suggest me how should i issue such type of setup with Database from the admin windows application to the student so that he can study only his relevant material.
    I am developing a Windows application on Visual Studio 2010 with Sql Server 2008R2.
    Please Suggest
    Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:01 AM