Binding large data to a data table using SQL Server RRS feed

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  • Good Day,

    I have used textFieldParser to import 4.5 million data from a text file to a Sql data table using I have performed several SQL query to update the datatable. All went fine.  But when i wanted to populate the dataTableAdapter with the table data  in order to display the data to a datagridview,  "System.OutOfMemoryException" was thrown. 

    Error was thrown at this command: 


    Whats can be the probable solution.? I have disposed all sqlcommand and sqlconnection before i fill the TableAdapter.



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  • Hello,

    You have other options.

    If the data needs no conversion use BULK INSERT directly into the table or if the data needs conversions still use BULK INSERT into a temp table or a intermediate table. There is a very simply example of BULK INSERT here. See more here.

    Regarding the out of memory for the DataGridView, if you need this then look at virtual mode (see a walkthrough here) and another term is pagination so that the DataGridView only displays x amount of records at any given time.

    Now there is a slim chance for the following for the DataGridView which is why this is listed last.

    dataGridView1.RowHeadersVisible = false

    Make sure there are no events setup for the DataGridView

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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