[Announcement] Azure StorSimple Forum Migrated to Microsoft Q&A RRS feed

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  • All MSDN Azure Forums have moved to Microsoft Q&A platform to help our community members to find  faster answers.

     Can I still post here?

    We request that our community members ask new questions on the Microsoft Q&A platform only. Continue to engage with existing posts on this MSDN Forum until June 10th, 2020, after which  this MSDN Forum will be closed and will be in read only mode eventually. 

     What is Microsoft Q&A ? 

    To help ease you through this transition, please read our Microsoft Q&A graduates to General Availability.

     How do I use Microsoft Q&A?

    Microsoft Q&A uses tags instead of forums for each service.  Please find the list of Azure Services supported on Microsoft Q&A Platform.

      Where can I find Azure StorSimple questions on Microsoft Q&A?  

    For Azure StorSimple specific questions, please navigate here

     What tag should I use for asking Azure StorSimple question on Microsoft Q&A?

     Please use azure-StorSimple tag. 

    Friday, May 29, 2020 7:24 AM