Tablet Screen Rotation Failing RRS feed

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  • I seem to have messed up the way screen rotation works.  I was trying to solve the problem described in this thread:

    Then I discovered I "broke" the screen rotation.

    l am using a Samsung tablet running Windows 8.1

    Before I broke it, the screen would change from landscape to portrait depending on the orientation of the tablet.  I could disable that action by pressing a button on the edge of the tablet.   Then the screen would remain in what ever position it was in when I pressed the button.

    Now in order to get portrait I have to bring up screen resolution change to portrait and apply.  Portrait will then come up and I can select accept.    But then, almost any action will cause the screen to revert to landscape. Hibernate, Reboot, updates,  etc.  Even pressing the button will force landscape.  After that the button has no effect. 

    Note, during process of selecting portrait, the "allow screen to auto rotate" box has no effect.

    I know this might seem like a minor "nit" but "something ain't right".

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 6:39 PM