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  • i m a beginner in programming and assigned a task to create a video conference application in dotnet c sharp but got stuck and unable to complete it ...

    i downloaded some applications but they are only (peer to peer ) if any one have any idea other than this pls do share ..... an early response will be more appreciated ....




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    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 12:41 PM


  • Hello Leo,

    Please try the solutions in this link:

    1) Use of plain Windows Media Encoder components. It is documented with samples in Windows Media Encoder SDK. Good for any high resolution streaming, but delay is too big for realtime chat (0.5-2 seconds at best). Modern Express Encoder SDK another option.

    2) Microsoft Research ConferenceXP Full featured conferencing API including application streaming. They too low level Windows Media coded filters and wrapped them into managed code. Works well. Easily customizable. Looks bit abandoned now.

    3) Microsoft RTC Client up to version 1.3 - core of windows messenger.

    pros: managed samples from Microsoft, good docs, reliable performance, freely redistributable, microsoft compatible (good) SIP stack included. Major conferencing vendors like Emblaze VCON based their solutions on it in some near past, not sure about this days, but I know that Tandberg licensed Microsft's VC-1.

    cons: version up to 1.3 support h261-h263 video only. modern version with support of VC-1(h264) codec does not allow direct serverless ip-ip connections. It does at require Microsoft Live Communications server. Newer version SDK does not cover well video conferencing calls.

    Also this thread which be of similar topic

    Hope them help.


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