High quality, low static: An answering "HOW-TO" RRS feed

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  • So you've decided to contribute in the C++ forums. First of all: Thanks! High quality input is always welcome, and nothing is better than fresh blood (with fresh ideas and solutions). Now that you've decided to help, we'd kindly like to ask you to thread carefully, though. Not "careful" in the sense that you should watch your back, but rather that you should help keep post quantity low, and the overall quality high.

    When a high number of eager souls get together to help, chances are that many posts are either complete misses, or really add nothing new to the discussion. The more unrelated "spam" a thread is hit with, the lower the chance for a quick (and clean) solution. Put yourself in the original poster's position: Would you really want to go through 200 possible approaches, links, guides and whatnot when the actual answer perhaps consists of a mere two lines?

    Before you post a message, ask yourself the following questions:
    • Am I really adding something new here?
    • Could I be any clearer in whatever point I am trying to make?
    • Is my post actually *readable*?
    • Am I qualified to deal with this issue, or am I guessing wildly?
    Last, but not least: don't repeat what others are saying. That doesn't make anyone happy Smile

    This all being said; we all make mistakes (I know I've made my share of those in this forum), so don't be afraid to try. Just give a thought to the previously mentioned points before hitting that "submit"-button -- that's all we ask.
    Monday, March 26, 2007 11:48 AM